We are not doctors or bio chemists here but we have learned a thing or two about a thing or two.  We are not here to judge - after all, the only reason we know as much as we do is because we used these very same products on ourselves and our kids!  We are not here to debate or convince anyone of the benefits of making every effort to eliminate harmful chemicals from their lives.  The information is out there and you can make your own decisions.  That being said we are pretty confident that once you see what you are really putting on your face, how the chemicals in our environment and products we use in our homes and on our bodies can affect our development, immune systems, hormones and general well being you will be ready to ditch the harmful chemicals in your life and switch to natural plant based products.


Don't get it twisted - essential oils are the bomb, but it is not just using the oils and even adding plant based products to your life - it really is DITCHING the harmful chemicals in our homes.  If there was a wager going - only use essential oils and continue to use commercial cleaning and personal care products or never open a bottle of oil again and just ditch all or chemical ridden products with their kinder plant based counterparts - the DITCH will when every time.

There is too much in this world that we cannot change - this one thing - we have control over for our families.  When we use these products consistently, over time the toxins build up and accumulate within our bodies, this is called bioaccumulation.  The more we expose ourselves , the harder it is for our bodies to break these chemicals down and that can cause health issues, that would simply not be an issue if we just didn't use those products. 

We won't lie, swapping out these products does not give you an immediate bang of new life, but in time, over the weeks, over the months once you have ditched and switched over to plant based products, you will notice the little things: you sleep better, you feel more rested, the every day 3:00 afternoon headache just doesn't come anymore.  Then you start to notice all those over the counter medications you used to call on all the time have expired.  You may find you don't like the smell of certain perfumes anymore and fragrances that you used to find appealing are now overwhelming and unpleasant and fake.  You find that instead of applying lotion every morning and night, you only need it a few times a week.  Removing the chemicals, replacing them with products that not only address the need but feed your body something that actually supports it helps your body to work at it's best.

These are our experiences and the things that have left our lives & the lives of our families changed forever.  How could we not share this with anyone that has a mind to change.