Neither Brian or I came from an ideal home life.  I will leave that there as I am sure we all know many friends and couples that could say the same.  My point is we both had very strong ideas of what our family would look like, how we would show love, how we would discipline – how and what we would teach our children and most of those ideas came from what we DIDN’T want for our family.

Despite a less than perfect home life - I had been greatly blessed by my mother & my grandmother

  • STRENGTH & CONFIDENCE - My mom did everything she could do build up my brother and I in every way,  She allowed us to surpass her in strength without ever trying to hold us down.  It was this strength in myself and my faith in Christ that allowed me to wait for 35 years for the man that would be my partner in the rest of my life.
  • UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & GRACE - My grandma, Lovey was my dearest friend and confident since I was 23 years old.  There was nothing you could not tell her, nothing that would surprise or shock her.  Never any judgment, just pure unconditional love.  She was not perfect, but she was so perfectly flawed and raw, so very real.  She told me everything about her life, good, bad and even ugly.   She endured disappointment, betrayal, illness and immeasurable grief.  Despite this she always held steadfast to her faith.  Always persevering, always pushing through to the other side to restore her joy.  She chose every day to put a smile on her face, to show God’s mercy and love to those around her.   This is my inheritance...the unconditional love, the understanding of perseverance, the inner strength that comes from the peace of knowing the Lord is with you.  I know this is not something everyone is blessed with experiencing but my hope is that I can share this inheritance with others, just as I have with Brian and my children and that in return someone else will have their life blessed by sharing our lives with you.

I brought these ideas to our marriage along with Brian's overwhelming desire to always act in love and to always be mindful of others.  We believed these things  would be the cornerstone of our home, our lives, our family and our FAITH. These have been fine tuned and tweaked a bit over the years but the spirit of what began still remains and it has served us well.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE -  just as God loves us, unconditionally, supportive & encouraging no matter what the situation.

KINDNESS - to show kindness to one another and those around us. 

FORGIVENESS - just as God has forgiven us for our sins as if they never occurred so should - it is far more difficult to hold a grudge than to simply forgive one another and those that may hurt or offend us.  Grace is a gift given to us - it was not earned it is completely unmerited favor.  Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves.

 GENEROSITY - joyfully and unconditionally to each other as well as those around us.  Always give the other person the bigger piece of cake!

UNDERSTANDING - to be slow to offend, to consider there is always another perspective of any situation and all to often we are unaware of what burdens or hardships others may be facing.  Most people at any given time are truly doing the best they can.

GRATITUDE - in all things and all circumstances good or bad, be grateful for our lives, for our love and grateful for the knowledge that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves.  Grateful that God has a plan for us, a perfect plan, better than we can ever imagine.

MINDFULNESS - To be present in our life - to be mindful of the moments, all the little miracles that occur every day and the souls within this life with us.

CONFIDENCE -   We must never let the world take away from who we are - we are made to be individuals - each one unique and wonderful.   To change ourselves for anyone or anything will only steal away what makes you - YOU & lead to frustration & resentment.