For over a decade I have often struggled with western medicine.  Side effects often leaving me far worse than what led me to my choice to medicate.  Treating symptoms but never truly reaching the core of my issues.  I have struggled with auto immune diseases since my early 30's (PSOC & Sarcoidosis) only to be followed with fertility issues a few years later.

During my fertility struggles I turned to acupuncture along side of my western medicine treatments.  Originally my thought was to help me keep my mind centered and positive.  However, after a short time I began to see how the mindfulness of seeing how each part of my body had to work together to heal made me a frequent flyer. 

My first pregnancy was a success but after 5 months and 3 days our son Brady Patrick passed away from complications resulting from surgery.  I continued to see my acupuncturist over the next year and I was able to manage my grieving without any medication.   It was during this time that I first began to use essential oils to support my well being.  My first step into the oily pool...lavender.

I used the lavender during the day to support my emotions and even more so at night to support healthy rest.  I would apply into my wrists and the bottoms of my feet as well as used it to make a linen spray. 

My next step was peppermint.   I new it could be used to support energy. I continued this limited use for several years never really taking my journey any further.  That was until 2012 when one of our twins was first diagnoses with SPD - Sensory Processing Disorder and later with ADHD.   Though he struggled with some executive skills and social graces along with some impulse control he was gifted so according to the school he was "academically unaffected by his diagnosis" This is short for "we will not be providing any assistance to your child in the classroom".

We were adamant that we would not be medicating our son.   We sought out an Occupational Therapist, this led us to a specialist that provides Cranial Sacral therapy.  We employed this methods all through kindergarten and into 1st grade.  In first grade we decided to enlist a pediatric behavioral specialist.  This allowed us to compel a survey from his teacher regarding his interaction in the classroom both academically and socially.

We were devastated with the results;  "Conner prefers to interact with adults...Conner does not appear to have any friends".  We had been to conferences and there was never a mention of any of this - just how he did not always listen but that his work is exceptional.  The doctor suggested that we try some medications with Conner. 

After much contemplation and prayer we reluctantly decided that for Conner to be independent and to be able to make social connections this may be in his best interest.  Over the next 6 months we came up with what seemed to work but we didn't want to medicate him on the weekends or over breaks and then we had evening activities, baseball, play dates etc., that left us looking for another option.


Conner's biggest issue were his emotions, understandably his nervous system is constantly bombarded with everything he takes in around him.  We could always "tune" him in as we call it with a simple touch to the hand or arm but when it came to being with kids his own age - they just don't understand.  They became frustrated with him and he with them.  He would become anxious in new places where he did not recognize the location or the room.  He would have to touch everything in the room, or the grocery store.  Trying to hold back these impulses left him stressed out.   The best way I can explain it is imagine being tasered and then asked to walk a straight line.   Your body is overloaded!  Conner takes in everything, smells, sights, noises.  If he is busy and very into what he is doing he is able to turn the world off -  but if the situation is new and he is not preoccupied we can have an overload very quickly! 

That stress and emotions can also spills right into bedtime.  Fidgety legs and & racing mind with a thousand questions does not make for peaceful slumber.  People suggested a weighted blanket or body work before bed - he even gave Tia Chi a whirl.  In the end we wanted him to have a way to manage his sleep on his own.  We thought about sleepovers and family trips and we wanted to give him a tool that would allow him to take action on his own.

I new that the lavender had supported my emotions so it was our first step back into oils.  I used the linen spray on his blanket and pillow and rubbed it into his feet.   Then we began diffusing it at night before bed.

Then I began applying it to him in the morning before his medication "kicked-in" and it had a surprising affect,  he said he felt calmer, more in control.  I quickly dived in and found that lavender actually could support a healthy nervous system.  Eureka! We were onto something.  I soon found other oils such as Vetiver, Cederwood, Frankincense and Bergamot as well as many of the "mints" could offer even more support to him.

In a short time - my research led me to understand how harmful so many things in the environment and even our own home were to our health.  I embarked on journey that would eliminate these from our lives and in a short time we became an OILY FAMILY.

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