I for one cannot imagine a life without some kind of faith or at least a belief in something greater than myself.  That there is somehow a divine plan for all of the randomness and ciaos of this world.  For us, our faith lies in the Lord, in Jesus Christ and the sacrifice that was made for our salvation and with that all the blessings and favor that come from a life in Christ.   Brian and I live under and are teaching our children the scripture of grace, love and forgiveness.

We know many people see Christians as judgemental and that being a Christian requires repentance and a strict lifestyle.  That is not true for us, we believe that God is full of forgiveness and love for us, that He wants our lives to be abundantly blessed.  That our mistakes-our sins are forgiven - as if they never happened.  That God has a perfect plan for all of our lives, that He sees us just as His son - perfect.   We want under children to go out into the world knowing they are blessed, that they are loved & that they are above the problems of this broken world.  We don't believe that you have to go to church every Sunday to be saved or that your worth to God is measured in time spent in a pew.  We have struggled to even find a church where we feel our children are being taught what we believe and that we feel we belong and can contribute. 

I know that is not the case for everyone.  I know that many have pulled away from God because they feel He has let them down or allowed something bad to happen to them or that He is judgemental and full of condemnation.  I would be lying if I did not say our faith individually & as a couple has been tested greatly from time to time.  Tested in ways that could have very well been the end us.  In the end however, and over and over God has always brought us through it and confirmed to us that He is there, watching over us, guiding His plan for us and that His plan for us is far better than anything we can or could ever imagine.